By the Guide Betrayed

Couple nights ago I recorded a movie called “Face”. Was kind of looking forward to it. The cable guide said it was a sort of ghost story/CSI type of deal. Sounded interesting.

Problem was, somebody made a mistake. They confused Kao/Face, the horror flick, with Face, the seemingly endless drama about a dysfunctional family. Precisely the thing I prefer never to see. It took twenty minutes of my life before I realized there wasn’t going to see any faceless bodies in that movie anytime soon.

So because of someone’s carelessness, I had twenty minutes of my life striped from me. Twenty minutes stolen, wasted…

Oh, who am I kidding? I willingly watched all of Open House. And It’s Alive. And not even the good one with the killer baby. The one with the dinosaur with ping-pong eyes.

Never mind.

Probably would have wasted that twenty minutes on Manos: The Hand of Fate.

Hey, thanks, Cable Guide!


One thought on “By the Guide Betrayed

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