Mini-Reviews (IV) – Dog Soldiers/ Pon (Phone)/It Waits

Dog Soldiers

A group of British soldiers on a routine exercise encounter a pack of werewolves

Had anyone asked me, I would have said the perfect werewolf movie would be a tragedy, like The Wolf Man or American Werewolf in London. I would have also thought that a Night-of-the-Living-Dead-with-werewolves would have paled by comparison.

I would have been wrong. This was a damn entertaining flick. Well acted, quick moving, fun. If you’ve seen a Night-of-the-Living-Dead type flick, you probably know the score here, but don’t let that stop you from checking it out.

One small word here: I watched this off Sci Fi Channel, where the viewer was wonderfully protected from all the nasty swearing. However, the gore scenes were intact. Including the disemboweling of Sean Pertwee (the Doctor’s son!) So, you know, there’s nothing wrong with their standards or anything


A reporter finds herself up to her neck in ghostly happenings, possession, and mad dog killers.

This South Korean horror movie really wishes it was a Japanese horror movie, ala Ringu/Ring. It doesn’t quite make it style wise.

Over-all, I was enjoying it right up to the climax, where there was a bit of a misstep that ruined the whole thing for me. Give it a shot, if you want, though. There’s worse ways to kill your time.

It Waits

A pretty ranger lady is threatened by an ancient evil.

One of the writers on this was Richard Christian Matheson, a damn fine writer. I hope no one holds this movie against him.

It tries real hard to build a character, which is nice and all, if you have tolerable actors and, maybe, a more original plot. Sadly, none of that is in evidence here. We have an ancient evil who is super strong and fast and utterly incapable of taking out one lone person. Nice.

A little more work here and there and we might have had something. As is…

(Note: like Dog Soldiers, I witnessed this cut up.)


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