Last week, being an all-around evil man, Brother Eric downloaded the Doom3 demo onto my computer. As it was there, I figured, what the hell. Give it a whirl. I liked Half Life, after all, and First Person Shooters have claimed a degree of affection in my heart.

Yesterday I went out and bought the damn thing so I could see how it turns out. More, to see if I could actually get to the end of the thing.

I’m not finished with it yet, but so far it’s been worth the purchase. It’s the story of a Space Marine brought to Mars for routine security detail. His first mission out takes place during some bizarre accident or attack. Next thing he knows, he’s being attacked by zombies and other monsters. Certain tasks must be completed for him to advance, and there is the occasional Boss (super monster) to do battle with.

I’m relatively new to this field of Video Games, but the basic plot reminds me a little too much of Half Life, without the geek charm of playing a nerdy looking character. No doubt, though, if I do research, I’ll see liberal lifts from previous Dooms in Half Life. Both are typical Sci-Fi/Horror fare with evil scientists/military forces at work behind the scenes. Doom3 benefits from several creepy moments, such as a room in which what looks like a Demon Summoning ritual had taken place. Not what you’d expect to see on Mars.

There is also a high violence content, which does not surprise, considering genre.

I suppose I should mention play control or something, but I’m no expert, despite playing the silly things for years. When I tell the character to jump, he jumps, and when I say throw that hand grenade he (sadly) throws that hand grenade. I don’t feel critically inept, so that a plus.

Graphics are real nice. Crisp and clean. When the brains come flying out of peoples heads, it looks like brains flying out of people’s heads.

At least I think it’s brains…

Anyways, I’m enjoying myself. How the game ends might change things. More on that when (and if) it occurs.


3 Replies to “DOOMed”

  1. I am really, really terrible at games. When I start playing a FPS or something, the monsters just look at me all wide-eyes, like WTF, then they laugh so hard they fall down.

    The only one I was ever good at was Descent, and that’s because I just plowed through the levels like a madman.

  2. I remember playing the first Doom after downloading the demo (it took about 9 hours on a 24K baud modem). I was hooked since then. Doom3 is OK – but yoy’ve got a point about Half Life. As a matter of fact, I consider Half Life to be the greatest fps of all time. Of course, in my opinion, the greatest game of all time was Diablo 2. Crack is less addictive.

  3. Beckoning Chasm – Yeah. I know the feeling.

    I hate hand grenades. More often than not when I throw them, they come bouncing right back into my face…

    Henry – Half Life sold me on First Person Shooters. It is something else. I’ve yet to get the sequel, but I’m hoping its as good.

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