What Cats Dream of, or Yet Another Super Hero Shaming

You ever sit there, watching a cat sleep, and wonder what dream played out within that dangerous feline mind? I know I have. And, thanks to Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog, I suspect I might have uncovered the answer.

I would be very much surprised if a cat’s dream didn’t look a little like this:

Streaky the Super Cat Kicks Butt!

Small tangent.  The flying cat in question is Streaky the Super Cat, one of the wanna be Power Girl Supergirl’s pets. As the frame indicates, he has all the powers of Superboy and better dress sense to boot. No doubt he’s a terror to all dogs not named Krypto.

The people Streaky is beating down are members of the Leigon of Superheroes, a super team from the 30th century. He is assisted in this effort by his teammates, the Leigon of Super Pets, which could also be called “Every pet ever owned by the Superman Family, plus one.” There’s the super horse, the super chimp, the aforementioned Superdog, and so on.

According to the essay I lifted this image from, Streaky isn’t satisfying his cat-like desire to kill everything in the room. Instead, he and his fellow pets have been grossly insulted by the “higher lifeforms” and are now teaching them a little bit of a lesson. The Legion of Superheroes are further embarrassed when forced to apologize to the animals. And rightfully so.

(I love how Supergirl just shouts “Streaky! Stop!” instead of actually doing anything. It’s almost like she’s getting vicarious revenge for all the abuse she and her cousin had to put up with from the Legion.)

End tangent.  Back to the point of the essay. Deep down inside, all cats want to fly around the room and bat people with their paws. Repeatedly. With a goofy grin on their faces. And a goofy cape.

Which is why you want to buy the divine ones the best in food and toys. Just to be on the safe side. And get rid of all dogs. Quickly and as messily as possible.

No, this isn’t Cullen’s cat typing this. Don’t even think such thoughts, human.


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