You Don’t Like Change

I would have titled this Quickest Way To Send Cullen Into a Boiling Mass of Rage The Likes Of Which the World Has Never Seen, Thus Provoking Him Into Screaming Fits of Mismatch Sentences, Half Thought Out Points, and General Nonsense, All Done While He Stomps His Widdle Feet Like a Two Year Old Boy but that didn’t quite roll off the tongue. That, and it’s probably grammatically incorrect. To the surprise of none, I’m sure.

What I’m about ready to do is grossly unfair and probably not nice. It also needs a bit of background, as I’m fairly sure the large majority of my readers are unfamiliar with the fun Marvel Comics is having with their characters right now. We’ll just have to deal with that as it comes up and hope I don’t get too incoherent.

I will also not mention the person involved, nor the site this stems from. This is not about the person or the blog. Both seem reasonable enough to me in the main. if not this specific instance. It’s just one essay, one portion that ticks me off, and I really would rather not color a potential reader’s perception of the blog in question just because I am in white hot wrath mode.

It also means this is a bit one sided, as you’re only hearing my side and what I think was said without the ability to read it for yourself. But, again, I’m being unfair and not nice.

I am also using “he” as a “gender neutral.”

Because that’s one less letter to type.

The essay in question begins with the writer commenting on Marvel’s current event series, Civil War, in which the super heroes of that particular universe are fighting amongst themselves over a new law. This law demands super powered individuals, whether crime fighters, villain, or law-abiding citizens, to “out” themselves register with the government. On the pro-registration side are such notables as Tony Stark/Iron Man and Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic. Opposing them is the one, the only, Captain America. True Patriotism personified.

For the record, my guy, Peter Parker/Spider-man, was on the pro-registration side. So much so that he revealed his secret identity to the world. Only now, late in the game, has he decided that maybe he picked the wrong team. Never mind the fact that Stark and Richards have been behaving like little fascists from the get go (with Stark even threatening to force Parker’s outing.) Never mind the fact that every single time his identity has be revealed has resulted in someone he cares about being killed/brutalized/terrorized to the point of hysterics. He just believes in selling more comics bad storytelling the cause that much.

But that’s beside the point.

The writer continues with saying that everyone in the comic blogsphere seems to hate Civil War, which is an exaggeration. Most every blog I have it has had issues with the story. They will wax with wrath unwaning on this character being portrayed badly or that plot point being beyond belief. They will give reasons and cite issues, as one might expect from a fan.

However, there are those out there who, like this writer, are digging every moment of it. They, too, can cite issues and give explanations. I might think these people are full of it, I might lose patience with what I see as short sightedness or missing the point, but I can respect where they are coming from. And you know what? I also envy them a little. I hate hating a story as much as I’m hating Civil War.

Bear in mind, there’s more to what the writer says than I’m giving you. What I’ve covered is basically just the first paragraph. The second paragraph, for the most part, refers to an earlier post of his. Nothing I want to deal with here, as it sounds very much like his reason for believing Civil War works. Which, again, is fair enough.

It’s only when we reach the end of the second paragraph and the start of the third that he hits raw nerve. His words are as follows, emphasis mine:

People are saying that this person wouldn’t act this way and that person would never go for that…and the truth is…why wouldn’t they???

People just don’t want these heroes to act different. They want Status Quo.

Ladies and gentleman, we go from cool to furious almost instantaneously. It would be a new record if it didn’t happen so often.


4 Replies to “You Don’t Like Change”

  1. Yeah, dude, I don’t know where to start…
    First of all, I’d just love to post a comment on this guy’s Blog in response to the very same quote that got you fired up in the first place, to wit:
    “People are saying that this person wouldn’t act this way and that person would never go for that…and the truth is…why wouldn’t they???”
    Why wouldn’t they? Gee, whiz. Can’t figure that one out. Maybe it’s the same reason I won’t ever get a Tattoo. It’s part of my personal belief set, part of my character, PART OF WHO I AM.

    Of course couples break up all the time over smaller issues than politic. But loyal loving mothers don’t often abandon their kids to people who are normally kinda cold, but are currently behaving like sociopaths.

    **** on toast, send me a link to the article. The guy who wrote the original essay needs to be informed that a.) CHANGE ≠ GOOD (change CAN be good, of course, but that’s not, like, the default setting…), and b.) There is, in fact, a reason why the STATUS tends to be QUO.

  2. I was in this fray as I wrote two Blog post concerning this incident in CW#4. I have read this series because it is going to change Marvel. Might not be reading much Marvel when it ends because of the very points you mentioned. Poorly explained plots and lack of clear writing along with change.

    I remember reading this when it came out. I am with you on Sue’s choice. As I read your post, I thought about Sara Evans leaving Dancing With The Stars — One of the early reports had said that her husband was going to take the children while she was gone and doing the show. She didn’t let this happen in the hopes he would change the behaviors that have lead to divorce preceedings, she went home and protected her kids.

    You made great points and here is a real world example of how some don’t abandon their kids.

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