In Which The Narrator Talks About Stuff

You don’t mind me experimenting a little here with something do you? Just splitting the text with a more tag. Seeing how it works for a future project, doncha know.

And here we are. Some fun, eh? And now for the news

  • ITEM: I regret not posting anything yesterday, but I ran into a string of bad luck for some strange reason. Most odd. Nothing worth mentioning, though. At least it wasn’t the 13th. Man, that would be weird.
  • ITEM: I promised a comic review a few nights. Said it would be the next day. It wasn’t. I’m now praying no future girl friend read this blog. She might have doubts on my word.
  • ITEM: I was going through my files and started running into old, old stories. One of which was a Godzilla monster mash style comic that has to be pushing twenty years old. It’s probably unfair to call it “God Awful”, but it is.

A cruel person with a scanner might declare, I dunno, a theme month and release a page a day for thirty days. But I won’t.

Mainly because its 43 pages long. Yeesh.


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