Here’s a fun little quiz for you. What’s wrong with the picture below?

Ouchie 1

Bear in mind that this is on a comic book cover. A sample of what images you might find within. (Although, in all honesty, it’s been years since you could tell what a comic was about by simply looking at the cover.)

I’m sure that we don’t need to belabor points on this. The lady appears to have a wee back problem. She is either kin to Elastigirl or recently punched from behind by the Incredible Hulk. When we highlight her back and front (below), we find she has a wasp figure.


Ouchie 2

But the anatomical nightmare she represents isn’t what’s wrong with this picture. ¡Por supuesto no!

What’s wrong with the picture, then? That this seems to be the norm in comics. That there is someone out there who finds this attractive. Or well drawn.

I’m not the greatest artist out there (yet). My drawings don’t have the level of detail in them that this one does (yet). However, in my overwhelming ignorance, I can see how this is wrong.

I mean, ouchie. That pose looks like it hurts.

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