Um… Err…. Ah…

Of all the things I need to see, Princess’s near naked butt wasn’t one of them1. I’m not sure this image is work safe, and yet guess what? It’s a comic cover!

Remember when comics weren’t geared towards sex addled teenage boys and people like me perverts?


1 If I’m not mistake, there’s a transformation sequence in the Gatchman OVA in which Princess is naked. So, y’know, it have been worse.


3 Replies to “Um… Err…. Ah…”

  1. As far as the sex angle for teenage boys – don’t forget that the 70s had Vampirella. Thank you Warren Publishing. I’m indebted to you. (Actually for more than Vampi’s costume – I have a reader’s story published in issues #10 and #20 which encouraged me to write more when I was a kid).

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