Better, Family, Brother Eric, Sleep

At this juncture in time and space, I am, and I hesitate to say this, but I am better than I was. Not well, mind you. I still hack. My head still spins. Solid foods sound optional at best. But better. Barring relapse I should be kicking this in short order.

Meanwhile, the majority of my immediate family is now sick, too. Even Brother Eric, and he is in another state. It’s nice to have them go all out to make me feel better, but they really shouldn’t have gone through the effort.

Speaking of Brother Eric, Eric has started writing poetry, either as a part of one of his classes or a class unto itself, I disremember. He has sent me samples in the hopes of acquiring my opinion. I’m in no state to give it to him right now – this post in and of itself has used up far too much brain cells – but I hope to in the days ahead.

I will say this. I have seen one of his works, through this delirious haze. To my mind, I’m going to have to send him a profanity laced email filled with envy and spite.

As per usual.

That’s it from me for now. Brain power fading…


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