Every November, since 2000, there has been an online writing event called NaNoWriMo, or, in full, National Novel Writing Month. It goes something like this: on the first of November, participating writers all over the world attempt to write a 500,000 word novel before the end of the month. For most who try, the only prize will be being able to say “I’ve written a novel.”

This year, I’ve signed my fool self up for the thing. I do this for the same reason as everyone else, but for two other, equally valid reasons.The first is that, if I actually do this, I hope will result from trying is that I’ll have a novel to send out to publishers. Or, at the very least, the start of one. Which is more than I have now, let me tell you.

Now do I really think I’m going to finish by the November 30th deadline? Hell no. I’m impressed when I pump out over 900 words in a day. I did the math on this thing, and I’m going to have to write around 16,667 words a day. I am not that much of an optimist. I halfway expect to burn out around the 15th.

If I’m even going to give it a go, I’ll have to write nonstop, without pause or second guessing what I’ve done. Which is the other reason for me to do it. Troll Cullen’s voice gets damn loud at times, and I hope this contest will erode his hold on me. At least during creation. Let him play editor once I’m finished. Maybe it will break me of the habit of listening to his whining and help my writing over all.

I hope so.

In any case, I’m going to have to do before starting is getting my house in order, sometimes literally. To make a decent showing (I’m pulling for 250,000 words), I need no distractions. Which is what’s occupying my time at the end of this month.

Which means that November will be a bit shallow here at Welltun Cares Presents, but I’ll be back.

Now what am I going to write for this contest? I haven’t decided. I’m torn between three potential ideas:

  1. Foul Lady Fao This was my initial idea for the contest. It stems from a single question: “Whatever Happened to the Woodsman After He Saved Little Red Riding Hood?” The novel goes into the consequences of that act, as, it turns out the wolf was the child of the title character and she wants revenge. It’s a combination of three fairy tales and I know it beginning, middle, and end. What really sells it for me is that it isn’t a series book. I won’t be typecast right off the bat when (if) it’s published. Also, I’m not as attached to it as I am my second choice…

  2. Fear Adventure – Of course, there is always the other novel. I know the characters well, indeed, and it would be fun to do. Problem is, unlike Foul Lady Fao I have no set plot (this could be an advantage, of course…) Adding to this is that Fear Adventure is meant to be a series, which adds to the risk of typecasting. If it wasn’t a comedy, this wouldn’t be too too bad; but it is, the only fantasy/comedy series I have in fact. Then there’s the fear I’ll burn out on them all together… But still, they call me up and say, “Why are you passing on us, you twit?”

  3. ? – And then there’s just jumping in and faking it as I go. No prep, no nothing. Just a hell of a lot of screaming as I go. This almost certainly guarantees I won’t finish; I’ve never finished anything with no prep before. But it. Could. Be. Anything. Anything at all. Damn tempting.

I’ve got time to decide. I’ll discuss it with Brother Eric, who is considering joining me in this insanity.I’ll post more on the subject as the date nears. Here’s hoping this will help out my writing over all.

UPDATE: I made the teeniest of errors in the above post. I blather on and on about that particular screw up here.


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