Dark Crystal Sketches – urRu Mystic

Here’s the deal: This is the last of my first batch of Dark Crystal Sketches. I have, as of Wednesday, October 12, 2005, drawn a new batch of sketches. These I’m not too giggly about. Especially the Garthim (a potential spelling error that no spell check will help me with). However, I’m going to tweak them a bit and have at least one of them up on Saturday.

Tomorrow, however, I’m putting up two full figures I’m rather proud of. They’re sort of “Chibi”… it’s hard to explain… but I think they’re really rather neat and I’d like to show ’em off.

And now, without further ado, my favorite of the first batch, the urRu Mystic.

As a kid, I used to have the Dark Crystal novelisation (as well as the cool-as-hell board game). So I have no excuse for not knowing that the Mystics were called the urRu. And yet, for most of my life I’ve thought of them as just the Mystics.

This particular urRu is, I believe, Jen’s Master. He is not what I based my picture on. Mine is just a generic character.

This is the initial sketch. Looking at the “source”, it looks like a lot of the lines on his face were carved in, like ritualistic tattoos. I have them as wrinkles. Oh well.

Also, do you see any ears on that bad boy’s picture? Me neither. Wonder where that idea came from?

Here we have a partially completed picture. He hasn’t gone grey yet, it seems.

Note that I’ve cut down on the image a tad towards the back. The hump wasn’t looking right to me. When in doubt, cut it out. Especially when working on the computer. It can always go back later.

Speaking of missing things, take a gander around the base of the head, near the neck. Whoops! Our urRu friend here has no neck. That will never do.

So I fixed it. As well as a few minor adjustments here and there. The ear offended me so I cut it out. I wanted to differentiate the foreground hair from the background hair, so I shaded it. I shaded a bit more of the face on top of that so that the background hair would look right.

It’s not the greatest job, I should have done something with the clothes, the exposed hair could use a bit of shiny, la la la, wah wah wah, negative negative negative.

I like it. I looks like it’s inching towards a professional job.


2 Replies to “Dark Crystal Sketches – urRu Mystic”

  1. you have a very cartoony artstyle. it’d be good fro a child’s graphic novel about the killer movie phenom known as the dark crystal.

    btw, i own a piece of the original celluloid reel. i love the thing, it’s my pride and joy.

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