Note to Cullen

Dear Main Cullen

Y’know, Cull, I know this is the internet. I know that standards are looser here. I know that “Close enough for government work” is your motto. But I think that maybe, just maybe, you should learn to use spellcheck. It might be nice, what with your claiming to be a writer and all.

Just a thought. Maybe you like looking like an illiterate.

Yer pal,
Troll Cullen.


4 Replies to “Note to Cullen”

  1. Hm…not to interrupt your attempts at self-improvement, but your posts seem perfectly clear to me, and your spelling seems fine…well, since my spelling ability rarely rises about “atrocious” perhaps I shouldn’t say that…

    But really, have you seen most of the other blogs out there? Comparitively speaking, their work makes ours look like Strunk & White.

  2. Part of the reason behind the post was that the last two posts had some minor spelling gaffs. I’d just finished correcting them when I thought I’d post a reminder to myself. I usually spellcheck. Mainly because I long for “atrocious” level spelling.

    And we aren’t even going to talk about my grammer. Or my gramper, either. Both are outstanding people. Though why they need to go out standing people is beyond me. And beyond fah, for that matter.

    Silliness aside, yeah, there are some terrible spellers in the Blogsphere and the Internet in total. What’s worse is that they don’t care. Never made much sense to me. But, then again, I want to be a writer. It behooves me to be a more than decent speller, as well as having a great grasp of the language.

    It’s too bad I dozed off so often in High School…

  3. Well, my motto has always been (at least as of 8:32 this morning) “An idea worth presenting, is worth presening well.” IE, spelling and grammer (and of course gramper) should be properly lined up and polished and wearing their best.

    Sadly, it’s an idea whose popularity among the Kool Kids at high schools seems to have peaked when grammer and gramper’s did.

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