Dark Crystal Sketches – Aughra

Here is the first Dark Crystal sketch, that of the Seeress Aughra, as well as an image of the lovely subject for comparison. Bear in mind with this sketch, as well as the others, that I did it without references, as well as having not seen the movie in a few months.

Of the three sketches I’ll show here, I like Aughra’s the least. It really didn’t turn out as well as I could have hoped and in the end… Well, let me get to that.

At left is the original. I forgot quite a few details when doing this sketch. Mainly the wrinkles. Endless wrinkles.

On this is the exact parting of the hair and the bump in the middle of the head… So on, so forth.

But what I came up with is…


Seriously lopsided, but not without character. The essence is there, I think. Just in simplified form.I originally wanted to have her holding her eye in her hand… but that fell through. Hands and I don’t exactly mix.

Anyways, I photographed the image, opened up Jasc Paint Shop Pro and did a little inking on the computer. With the addition of color, as well as a bit of cropping, I had…


Which, why with faults, isn’t that bad a sketch. (Sitting here, by itself, without looking at the other Dark Crystal stuff.) I was perfectly happy to give it a day when Troll Cullen happened to stumble towards the front of my mind.

“You’re not showing that are you?” he whispered

“Shut up, you. It’s fine. You’re just a nasty know-nothing who wants to spoil my fun..”

“That might well be true,” he said as he was leaving for wherever he waits. “But at least I’m not posting crappy pictures.”

I hate him.

This is the finished version, brought about by a bunch of cutting and pasting. It is very, very good, I think, and I wish I had drawn it first. Nice symmetry

One of the glories of Jasc is how well you can fix things up. It’s also one of the problems: no matter how nice the picture ends up I always feel like I’ve cheated. All of the lines are mine, the style is mine… and yet it really isn’t completely mine

Oh well

Tomorrow, Gelfling Jen!


2 Replies to “Dark Crystal Sketches – Aughra”

  1. Very nice, especially done without reference.

    I tend to feel that it’s the destination, not the vehicle, that’s important in a journey. Which is why I don’t mind Paint Shop Pro’s ability to do things better than I.

    Course, I still don’t use it to retouch photos or paintings…so perhaps I’m not one to talk. (This is a joke. I talk constantly.)

  2. You know, the more I look at your sketch, I think it’s not only good, it’s damned good. The chin strikes me as a bit too strong, and there’s an element of femininity missing, but I really think you’ve got her, here.

    I should watch that movie again. The only character who I really recall was the Chamberlain, the creature that kept smirking knowingly throughout the whole movie.

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