Technically this is not bio, fiction, review, or observation about my chosen fields, and thus outside what this site’s about. However, as I am the sole writer and editor of this site (God help me), I get to say what goes on and what doesn’t. So bear with me.As I’m working on an essay a few nights back (relatively speaking), my attention is drawn to a commercial for a Three Stooges DVD. I’m thinking that it’s going to be about the new colorized version, but nopers. Just digitally remastered. All your favorites. You know the pitch.

I’m not really listening at that point, so when it happen, I’m caught off guard. The narrator says something to the effect of “Laugh again with these forefathers of comedy.” And bang, I’m incensed. I can’t believe any one could be so stupid.

I mean, I like the Stooges about as well as anyone. They’re no Marx Brothers. Or Burns and Allen. Or Abbott and Costello. Or Charlie Chaplin. Or Harold Lloyd. Or Buster Keaton. Or W. C. Fields. Or Paulie Shore.

(Psych! Just seeing if you’re paying attention, buh-dee! Everyone knows that Paulie Shore’s not a comedian.)

The Stooges were adapt in slapstick and had some of the best puns out there. Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe indeed! Playful violence, playful stories.

But the forefathers of comedy? Please! Any five year old can tell you this isn’t the case!

There’s ony three of them, after all.

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.


One Reply to “Stooge”

  1. Granted, in terms of historic precedence or significance, the Stooges wouldn’t be considered forefathers of comedy.

    However. Taking even a brief look around the state of comedy today…they definitely appear to be primogenitors.

    Of the comedians you list, only the Marx Brothers and Abbott and Costello are regularly on television, where audiences can experience them–the others have to be actively sought out by the potential viewer.

    The Stooges, however, are pretty much on television, somewhere, probably twenty-four hours a day. They’ve got a lot more opportunity to influence someone, whether that’s good or bad is beyond my ability to judge.

    I’m a victim of circumstances.

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