More Superhero Shaming

One of my regular hits while surfing is called… sigh. It’s called the Movie Poop Shoot, which offends my sensablities something fierce. Which is odd, considering the far more vile things I read and watch that slip right past those said sensabilities, but there you have it.

I don’t know if the site… he sighs again. If the site lives up to its name. However, it does have one feature that is damn fine. That’s Comics 101. If you want to learn more about comics in general, there are few places better to head out to.

This week, Comic 101‘s writer, Scott Tipton talks about superhero vehicles, both good and bad. And among the bad, of course, is the Spider-mobile.

Created in Amazing Spider-man #130, the Spider-mobile is, for a lack of a better description, damn stupid. One of the big images connected with the character is Spider-man swinging around the buildings of New York City. How the hell could anyone even try to replace that, even for a moment, even in jest, with the image od Spidey driving around in a dunebuggy? One that shoots webs from its lights?

Man is that bad.

Also listed as mistakes in Super Hero Fiction are the Supermoblie (which at least has a passable reason for existing), Moonknight’s Moon Copter (meh), and the dreaded ARROWCAR. I had only heard of this last one. On seeing it…


It makes the Spider-mobile look good.

I mean a yellow car for a hero who’s entire motif was green.

Boggles the mind.


2 Replies to “More Superhero Shaming”

  1. I don’t think anyone, including the creators, liked the Spider Mobile. As I recall (I’ve still got those comics somewhere) the only time it was driven, it got driven into the river.

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