Ego Boost – Completion

Here’s another really sad Ego Boost, but, you know, I never promised satisfactory essays this week…

I take a great deal of pleasure in completion. For instance, I have seen every Godzilla movie every made, bar “Final Wars”. I have seen every episode of Doctor Who that exists, or, at least, every one that’s a part of a complete story. I have beaten every Dragon Quests game that’s come to the States.

I like the fact that, if you hit the Review index Review Category, you’ll see a complete set of capsule reviews for Godzilla. I wish I had more reviews on site, but I’m glad I have what I have finished.

Every story I have ended, I am happy with for no other reason than I’ve finished. Now, some of the endings I tacked on the stories blow goats, but that doesn’t matter. They’re finished.

Sometimes endings come with sadness. It can’t be helped. But sometimes there’s satisfaction that things turned out as well as could be expected. And that’s good, too.


2 Replies to “Ego Boost – Completion”

  1. Completion is always good–once it’s done it can be improved, or discarded, or HAPPY FUN TIME OVERFLOW DETECTED.

    Uh, what? Anyway, I’ve gone one better on Doctor Who–I’ve not only seen all the completed stories, I taped ’em, too. I even taped the PBS Pledge specials!

    On second thought, that sounds more like a mental illness than a positive trait.

  2. We were doing the same thing – taping Doctor Who, I mean. We were maybe two or three stories shy. Some of the fifth Doctor, I think, and one of the Seventh.

    Since then, our tapes have been degrading. Sadness.

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