Ego Boost – Da Vinci Eat Yer Heart Out

I was over at my Aunt’s house a few months back when I noticed a Goofy magnet on her fridge. It was just the character’s face on a stamp, nothing special. On seeing it, though, I felt certain I could duplicate it. So I figured, “Why not?”

About that same time I had been drawing rabbits. I caught sight of one on night and had been able to break it up into basic shapes in my head. Later I was able not only to draw a decent rabbit, but also put said rabbit in a few different poses.

I did something similar with Goofy. An oval here, a circle there. The worst part of the whole drawing was the hat he wore, and that wasn’t that bad.

By the time I was finished, I had a sketch that I thought could be reasonably confused with something done by a Disney Artist. Which pleased me to no end; usually there is a distinct difference between my attempts and the real deal. (You can judge for yourself by going here.)

I was putting the final touched on my little sketch (shading in the darker parts of Goofy’s head) when my little cousin Katie happened past. She saw what I had done and wanted a Goofy for her sketchbook. As such requests were few and far between for me, I agree. However I was a wee bit nervous. One good sketch was fortunate. Trying for two of the same character was, to my way of thinking, pure hurbis.

Obviously this wouldn’t be much of an Ego Boost if I didn’t hit another home run. I thought the head a bit too thin and there were other bits I didn’t care for. That damn hat again. But I decided that was Troll Cullen talking more than honest criticism. It was a picture I could see again without embarrassment.

Off and on since then, Katie has been asking me for various pictures, which, again, I can’t really refuse. This last Sunday she had me drawing My Little Ponies. I did three of them. At one point for each and everyone of them I thought they’d turn out terrible. I’m happy to say that I was wrong. In fact, I thought one of them actually looked a little better than the source.

Better still, while I had some free time yesterday I doodled a fairly passable Pony. You couldn’t tell if it was Minty, Pinkie Pie, or Metzengerstein. It just looks like a damn cute horse in the My Little Pony style.

However, the topper to all of this was the time Katie wanted me to draw one of my own characters for her. Now that’s cool.


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