Knife in the Brain

Last night I started to get a headache.

I’ve had headaches before. They go away soon enough. Don’t need to take asprin. Save the asprin for some serious pain. Don’t wanna build up an immunity, you know. Tough it out. Be a man, not a wuss.

The only concession I made to the pain was that I tried sleeping it out. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. In this case it didn’t, but that was okay. I’ve had bad headaches before. They go away. Etc. etc. etc.

Nearing six o’clock the next morning, it became readily apparent that this was more Cullen Tomfoolery. For the most part, the headache was nothing more than an irritation. But every now and then it would become SERIOUS PAIN. Like someone had taken a knife and crammed it into my head. Functioning in moments like that WAS NOT ALLOWED.

Something had to be done. I broke down and popped myself an Aleve. Then I settled down for more sleep. My sleep schedule is erratic at best anyways.

I wake up with a brand new problem. Headache was gone. Now there was this Strange Emptiness. Like the knife should have been there, or had been there just a moment before. I had trouble focusing. More so than usual, he says, only half kidding.

Not fun.

Right now I’m functioning on a decent level. No pain, no emptiness. Just me.

I don’t know if there’s a greater moral to this story. Maybe pop more pills. Take medicine when you need it. Write more pointless Blog entries. Something.


2 Replies to “Knife in the Brain”

  1. There’s an acupuncture technique which I use for headaches…I tried to find a web page detailing it, but alas…

    The gist is, you press the tip of the thumb and the tip of another finger (of one hand) through the, um, membrane between the thumb and first finger of the other hand. Pinch them together as hard as you can. (I know, and I apologize, that I’m not making this clear at all.)

    …that sounds pretty insane, doesn’t it? It has worked well for me in the past, though.

  2. When your head’s hurting, you’ll do anything. I’ll try to keep it in mind, next time.

    Speaking of alternative remedies, as a kid, I heard of a sort of self-hypnosis where you count backwards to ten twice in a quiet room, then imagining the pain lessening, fading, going away. The whole ins and outs of the process were no doubt better explained than that, but that’s what I retained and that’s what I occasionally try.

    My success rate has been fair to middling. Sometimes the headache goes away or fades enough so I can ignore it, sometimes the pain seems to shift to a new location, and sometimes all I get out of it is a nice relax.

    This time the headache was bad enough I didn’t want to mess around with it. Sure cure, quick cure.

    Fortunately I don’t get bad headaches very often. I’m currently blaming this most recent one on allergies…

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