Site Update – What’s Up for the Next Couple of Days

Like has been so often the case dealing with this Blog, my little “weekend” has been a fairly interesting experience. Before, I’d been bang my head against a wall trying to come up with some fiction for the site. I had an idea for a sort of serial novel type deal, but that didn’t gel just yet. I started a science fiction piece and a fantasy piece that both grounded to a halt. Frustration after frustration.In other words, a typical couple of weeks.

Along came the weekend and BAM! Got an idea. A real nice one. Spent Wednesday night, Thursday morning grooving with it. I had the usual Troll Cullen whispering in my head that the story was too familiar, that I was copying something I read and was only half remembering now, but that didn’t matter. The words came flowing out and it was fine.

I didn’t finish it before going to bed and spent most of Thursday thinking about how the story was going. I was driving home from my Borders fix, and suddenly it all went south in a major way. Over thought the whole thing maybe, or maybe I started seeing holes in what I had.

Whatever it was, I put the story on a back burner in my head rather than risk losing it completely. Because even as down on it as I was, it still is worthy of seeing through.

However, and here’s the interesting bit, by that time I already had a second story idea ready to go. This never happens. The rule of thumb is I finish one story, then go about redecorating my house with bits of skull embedded in the wall before coming up with the next.

This second story I intend to post later today. How much later, I can’t say just yet. It’s (hopefully) close to being half finished, and I’ve had some additional projects pop up. Plus, I need to sleep sometime.

When it does come, it will be in at least two parts. I’m going to publish the first part as soon as I finish with it, and get the next post up by the next day. (If I can’t get to the halfway point , I’ll put up what I have and edit in the new stuff later… a pain, but it’ll do, I hope.)

Next I will either tool on the first story, dabble on a new Fantastic Writer essay, rewrite the “send out” short stories, fumble about with the novel, or explode in a ball of green flame. Whichever proves easiest.

(Between you and me, I’m putting my money on Spontaneous Human Combustion…)


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