General Comments

No Novel post today because I spent yesterday spinning my wheels. The rambling MegaMan post (as eh as it might be), the haiku, and my usual ravings on message boards were as close to actual work as I got. Still, I’m writing every day and that’s what counts.

My brother, Eric, has been inspired to Blog as well, the copy cat. His blog is ßlü Brutal, and it looks like he might be better than me at it. Figures. I have a link at the side for it, and now I’ll have to do the same for my other brother’s Blog. Which I can’t guarantee is as clean or as rational as Eric’s or mine.

The next really big post should be own my standards for review. I’ve been dwelling on it, but as it should be a wee bit long, I’ve been putting it off. The hopes of actual writing on the novel spring eternal.


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