Cheap Animation

On a slightly less… humiliating note, I was flipping through the channels and stumbled across “MegaMan: NT Warrior”, one of the wide variety of Pokémon clones littering animé of late. As I was and still am a fan of MegaMan (though I know nothing of the game the show is based on) I hung out and watched a little bit.  (Small bit of honesty here: I’ve seen exactly one episode before this one. It’s okay, but really, if you’re into animé and not in your preteens, you can find better out there.)

Digression passed, I’m watching MegaMan fighting what looks like BubbleMan in a computer environment. BubbleMan looks as he always looks; white bubble body with a strange mask over his face. MegaMan looks… Well, he doesn’t look like the MegaMan of my youth. Instead of the sort of squat little fella we have a more lithe figure. Different game, different version of the character (Though as I write this, I seem to remember him moving in that direction by the time MegaMan 8 was released… Never mind.)

I notice, however, during the fight, that MegaMan is also wearing a mask, something he never did Back in the Day. I thought it strange at the time, but hey, I came into this mid way. It probably made sense to those watching the episode.

MegaMan unleashes an attack on BubbleMan, which sends the villain flying. The scene then cuts to BubbleMan slamming down in the foreground, while MegaMan descends in an ever so cool manner in the back ground. And I notice as he does so that he has no mask. Next scene the mask is back in place.

Now, I’m not going to slam the show because of that. I doubt than many of its intended viewing audience noticed, and I’m sure the few that did didn’t care. It just struck me a little sad, is all. All these years, and still the same level of sloppiness in animation exists.

It’s probably very stupid of me to think that. After all, MegaMan: NT Warrior is just a cash in for the game. It’s just that I think kids deserve better than that, some how.

But, then again, perhaps it really doesn’t matter. As a (admittedly) very young lad, I never noticed all the screw ups in Scooby Doo back in the days I was watching it. How the plots and escapes the Gang and their foes used really didn’t make much sense. It was just fun. I’d hate to think becoming an adult means losing the ability to just accept and move on.

Of course, it could also mean I’ve gotten a bit of taste. Who knows?


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