Even More One Punch Man!

Spoilers for Season 2, Episode 3:

Onr Punchman 001

I know in my heart of hearts it can’t possibly be so, but I do hope that’s the end of the Hero Hunter arc.  Not because I’m not enjoying it–One Punch Man has the wonderful habit of topping itself each arc–but because it’s such a perfect way for it to end.  No glorious battle for the guy downing heroes.  Just a over before he knew it beat down.

Glorious.  Laughed my head off.


More One Punch Man!

By rights this should be a bad series.

A hero?  Defeating all his opponents in one hit?  How can that be good?

But this series!  This series!

It was already the best Super Hero series I’d ever seen.  And it keeps getting better.

Hard to wait for next week…

I’m Always Going to think Dragon Warrior First Before Getting It Right, Aren’t I?

Entirely too long ago, Square Enix (pr Square Soft, I misremember) released a movie based on their big franchise.  Called Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, it looked nothing like a Final Fantasy game and everything like a thousand other Sci Fi flicks of the period.  It didn’t do well, as I recall.

I know I didn’t like it.

This, though.  This is what I want to see from a Dragon Quest Movie.  I hear it’s based on Dragon Quest 5, one of the games I’ve never beaten.  So there’s that, too.

You don’t wanna stray too far from the source, I’m saying.  When you make your films.

Okay, so I’m beat from work.  What can I say.  Still.  Very nice trailer.  I hope it comes to the States.

And Furthermore!

This is my mother’s birthday, so it shouldn’t be shocking that I’m not posting today.

This doesn’t explain my absence for all the other days, what with me saying I was going to post every day.  That’s, of course, typical.  Best laid plans and all of that.

But on this day, today, I will not be posting anything here on this site.

I realize that this isn’t helping me get back on my feet writing wise, but I think spending time with family is an important thing.  We only have so many days, and no one knows when the last one will come.

I will, therefore, be doing things with family, and not writing willy-nilly about the place.

I hope everyone will understand.

Also, this is as close to an April Fool’s Joke as I’m allowed to come.  As well as the first one I’ve tried on this site.  Let’s all note its presence, pat it on the head, then never speak of it again.

Tower on a Lonely Hill – Fragment

Not sure about coming back to this, but I figure as a sign of living up to the “Write every day” credo it’ll work.

A thin tower swayed with the wind atop a lonely hill top. Black against the gray sky, it was the only sign of civilization for miles. Nothing but thin forest as far as the eye could see, and dour forests at that. Spring had touched here not at all.

Two travelers in green cloaks, one trailing only just behind the other, worked their way up to the tower. They kept their hoods tight around their faces with one hand. Their other hands rested on the blades hanging from their hips. This was how they started their ascent; even with the growing cold they saw no reason to stop now.

In no way were they expecting a friendly greeting expected on arrival. As they walked the region they hadn’t come across much that hadn’t wanted them dead or in some semblance of discomfort. That things hadn’t turned bad didn’t mean they couldn’t. Fact was, the only reason they headed towards the tower at all was that what foodstuff they had was dwindling and finding more had proved difficult, to say the least.

Almost to the top, the trailing traveler said, “If this is another Warlock…”

“It isn’t,” his companion said over his shoulder.

“Just look at this place. Look how dead it all is. You can almost smell the brimstone.”

A wry smile crossed his companion’s face. “Said as much at the last two places we visited. Necromancers every time.”