In Fact, Despite the Dearth in Postings Here On Site, I Think I Might Be a Bigger Gamera Fan Than Power Girl Fan. Which Staggers the Mind, All Things Considered

I can’t believe I never mentioned this movie’s potential existence.

I can’t believe how rarely Gamera gets mentioned on this site.

The same thing goes for Rodan.  Surely I’ve talked about my love for Rodan more than that.


The trailer I posted the other day has been pulled at least once.  I’ve dug up a second video, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Bigger news is that what’s shown is but a smaller part of a larger video.  One that might pop up later next week.

If so, Mr. Waters will be gleefully watching it too.  And sharing it here, natch.

Until then, here’s a video to demonstrate a small portion of my glee, using completely inappropriate Kaiju to do so:

EDITED TO ADD: I’ve read in other places that this isn’t the actual trailer, that it’s sort of a proof of concept video.  Whether this is true or not, here’s to hoping for more Kaiju fun in the near future.

I Am, It Must Be Said, a MUCH Better Fan of Godzilla Than Power Girl

So over the past few months or so we’ve had news dribble out about the new Godzilla.  Not, it must be said, the sequel to the awesome 2014 version (which frankly is one of the best Godzilla since the Sixties) but for the new Toho version coming out next year.

Recently an article has come out giving a few more details.  Most of this deals with cast, something I can’t talk about as I’ve seen none of the actors in action.  However, it does give me an excuse to talk about what I have heard, which follows in bullet point fashion:

  • The two directors for the new Godzilla are Shinji Higuchi and Hideaki Anno.  The limit I know about Higuchi is that he’s directing the Attack on Titan movies, which, I’m sorry, can’t possible approach the series they’re based on.  Anno, however, was the guiding force behind Neon Genesis Evangelion, an anime series I have a degree of respect for.  Worse comes to worse, this will be a very interesting movie.
  • The new Godzilla is being billed as being bigger than the Hollywood one.  Look guys, this one-ups manship has to stop.  If it keeps up, the King’s going to have his head in the stratosphere.
  • It’s also going to be called the scariest Godzilla yet.  Which is great, because I always watched Godzilla films for the unbridled terror and not monsters fighting monsters.  It also suggests that the King is going to be the villain.  Not unexpected, all things considered, but a wee bit disappointing for me
  • Some commentators on the new flick (sorry, no links handy) have suggested the Toho Godzilla might have derisive jokes about the 2014 version.  Now the vibe I’ve always gotten was that the 2014 movie was fairly well received.  For instance, the Hollywood Godzilla was offered as a perk for preordering the new Godzilla game.  There were comments about the King being fat, but beyond that, maybe, I just don’t see it happening.
  • Finally, the Toho Godzilla will be called Shin Gojira.  Shin has many different possible meanings, such as “New” and “True,” which admittedly points towards derisive.  This article, however, also points out it also means “God”.  Now doesn’t that suggest possibilities.

As with the next American Godzilla, I’m dying to see this film.  Of my childhood heroes, Godzilla has been doing the best lately as far as I’m concerned, and I hope that continues.

When In Doubt, Post Images of Power Girl

All Star Comics No 58 000 - Power Girls First Cover

Okay, here’s the deal.

On my roaming of the web, I happened upon someone discussing the following issues.  And suddenly I realize that, of all the images of Power Girl I have on this site, the one I’m missing is that of her first appearance.  Right up there.

So I want that, right?  And maybe the next one two.  No real reason for it.  Fortunately the article that has the above image has the next one, so I capture it quite quick.  And, being a Power Girl fan (after a fashion) I notice right away a certain something about the next image:

All Star Comics No 59 000 - Power Girls Second Cover

As a rule, comic covers depict their heroes in dire straights.  This is really no different (or worse) than a hundred other such covers.  Though it did set the teeth on edge a little.  Her second appearance, and already Power Girl’s a damsel in distress?  Her fan (kind of) doth protest.

So when I started this post (which frankly only here to justify putting up the images) I was going to say something about how undignified this was, make some snark about only female character on the team being put into a position of peril, maybe even off setting that by pointing out the Flash here getting knocked to kingdom come.

Then I noticed the shading job done on Power Girl.

Specifically around the boobs.

I’m not a great artist.  Not by any stretch.  And this picture beats out almost all of my work.  I freely admit it.

That said, I’m certain that the underside of her boobs shouldn’t be shaded.

Not certain how I would have drawn this myself (anatomically incorrect, no doubt) but once you’ve seen it…

Anyway.  That’s the excuse for posting these two pictures.  Tomorrow (or there about) we’ll see what other excuses I can come with to post a picture of Power Girl.

Not that I’ve ever needed one before, mind.  I just rather this blog had some of my words in it.  And not completely be devoted to snarking about some else’s work.

Rematch of the Kings: A Possible King Kong v. Godzilla Remake

The news comes from this source, and, frankly, it doesn’t surprise me.  People were mooting the possibility from the moment Legendary mentioned its Kong Movie, Kong: Skull Island.

The interesting part of the subject is this line, emphasis mine:

It’s said that things are happening “very quickly,” with the deal stretching all the way to Japan, and Godzilla rights-holder Toho.

This almost sounds like Toho might be doing their own film.  Which begs the question: will we finally get (after a fashion0 the legendary duo endings the original King Kong v. Godzilla allegedly had?  Or will we have two flicks with Kong getting his butt handed to him?

What would be funny, assuming this idle speculation of mine came true (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t; I’m no doubt reading too much into this), if the US film had Godzilla win while the Japanese version has Kong winning?  Just the reverse of the way it was supposed to have happened back in the day.

Whatever happens, fun times for a Godzilla fan.  Only way it could be better is if the King finally got his match with the alleged friend to children everywhere…

Saint Here, Look Elsewhere

The mind’s a funny thing.

There are some things I’ve watched a million or so times as a kid, I can’t tell you a thing about them, save that I watched them.

Take the Smurfs.  Every Saturday I was right in front of the television, watching their latest antics.  Fanatically.  Even in rerun.  Today, I could tell you the plot of one, maybe two storylines.  Mainly because they sprung directly from Peyo and I’d read the comics.

Then it goes the other way: stuff I’ve seen only once and I can give you, if not the whole story, then enough to give you the gist.

Couple of examples, neither quite fair, as I hunted most of the stories they were based on down as an adult.  First there’s Afterwards, an episode of the tv series Mystery (kind of, sort of).   I knew more or less beginning, middle and end for years.  Decades.  Only saw the show the one time.

Perhaps more impressive, there was this episode of the Horror anthology Dark Room. It had three stories and I could have told you about each one of them.  The last one, an adaptation of Robert Bloch’s Catnip, caused me to hesitate looking under beds for weeks afterwards.

Okay, I fib.  I still don’t like looking under beds.

I’m sure the reason these stories stuck in my mind and so many others didn’t is the Horror aspect.  For instance, I can tell you right where I was standing when I saw the ending of John Carpenter’s The Fog.  The family was over at a friend’s house, it was time to go.  I was on the stairs between the living room and the house’s foyer, scared out of my mind.   Burned right into the grey matter.

Now why do I bring this up?

For years, there’s been this scene from an episode of St. Elsewhere that I couldn’t forget.

St. Elsewhere, for those not in the know, isn’t exactly a Horror show.  It’s a hospital drama.

But I remember where I was when I watched it.  Upstairs at my aunt’s house.  It might even have been the first run of the episode.

I remember certain details from the story, like an obnoxious doctor making rude comments about a sleeping patient and the patient remembering them on waking.  Then there was this Z. Z. Top dream (I think my fondness for the band stems from this episode.)

And I remember this curly-haired doctor having a nightmare.

For the most part, the nightmare excepted, it couldn’t even remotely be considered scary.

Yet that one scene, the second to last scene in the episode (which no doubt helped stick in there) I remembered as being damn scary.  Curly Hair has his dream one last time.  He forces himself into this room he found so terrifying and has a confrontation with someone he knows. At the end, for some reason this someone ends up appearing in a ski mask.

I know.  You’re sterilized with fear from that description.  Me too.

Last night it sort of popped up in my thoughts, and I said to myself, “Self, the internet is a wonderland of information.  Let us seek out this episode and find out just what it was that made that scene so memorable to you.”

Know what I found?

It’s damn hard to find out any information about St. Elsewhere. 

You can have the finale episode’s ending spoiled for you nine ways to Sunday.  You can have the various connections to the various TV shows pointed out to you.  But actual information on a given episode?  You’re on your own.

Hulu actually has the show, but only first season.  This episode?  Wasn’t first season.


Yet I persevered.  I discovered the name of the episode (“Sweet Dreams”) and a host of other information, such as the guy Curly Hair talks to at the end was a recurring character who turned out to be (or might have been, it’s not very clear) a Ski Mask wearing rapist.  Which gives context to what I was seeing.

Which I wouldn’t have had at the time.

As I didn’t watch a lot of St. Elsewhere.

Finally I managed to find the scene in question on YouTube.  Curly Hair (Jack) has a chat with the dead Ski Mask (Peter).  They have a little chat about the Afterlife (which Peter says he can’t discuss) and a little pep talk for Jack, which sounds a bit ominous to my ear.  Maybe it’s just reading up on what happened in the series.

Then it comes.  Jack’s heading out of the room (no doubt beginning to wake up) and he asks the big question: “Who shot you?”

“That’s not important,” Peter says.  “What’s important is that I deserved it.”

The ski mask appears and Peter starts laughing.  And this, I must say, is creepy as hell.

I’m just surprised it was creepy enough to linger for twenty some odd years.

But like I said, the mind’s a funny thing.