Goblinstomper! and the Shadow Madness

One of the... I dunno, features?  of RPG Maker MV is that it will put down shadows for you next to whatever walls you set up on the map.  These shadows, to my mind, give a certain depth and reality to the map.


Mein Gott! Mazes Hurt the Brain!

Still working on Goblinstomper! Today it's mazes.  Or rather maze, as, contrary to what I originally intend, I'm thinking one maze for the first ruin should be plenty.[…]

Goblinstomper! Deleted Scene!

One of the reasons I've not done much fiddling with dialogue in RPGMaker is that I want to keep things fluid. Sometimes I become attached to a way of doing something one way and it's hard to move on when that thing becomes impractical.[…]