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So this week I finally finished my rebooted review of The Nightmare Never Ends.  There isn’t going to be any final thoughts; I’m done.  DONE YOU HEAR?  YOU CAN’T MAKE ME THINK ABOUT THAT DAMN MOVIE NO MORE!

As next month has a Friday the 13th in it, I thought I’d review a Ft13th for the sister site.  Fingers crossed on that.

As for here… well… writing outside the site has been going good, so it gets fallow here.  Sadly that’s the way it works.  Gladly that’s the reason, and not a more depressing one.

I’ve had my fill of depression for the year already, thanks.  And then there’s our long slog to the next Idiot in Chief… Yeesh.

That said, I’ve had a couple ideas for posts knocking around the old bean.  I don’t like going months (or really weeks) without an update.  So who knows?

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No foolin’, today my mother turns seventy.  She is officially an old coot.  We’re buying her a cane and a rocking chair for the porch so she can sit out there and yell at the kids.

I can say all this safely because no one reads my blog and she will never, ever know.

Muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! The perfect crime!

(Actually, I might well point this out to her.  Not like she’ll come read it, but it’s the thought that counts…)

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Advertising the Sister Site Post #1680

Yeah, like there’s over a thousand post over there…

Anyway, this week I’ve updated the ancient review of The Nightmare Never Ends into the sexy sexy new format.  Which means taking a ten page Review Synopsis and…

Excuse me…

Ten pages…

Of talk…

On Nightmare Never Ends


Any way, ten pages whittled down to a much more sensible four.  That pops up tomorrow.  With further nonsense down the pike.

Hopefully I’ll have more next week, but whether an actual review or another updated version I can not say.

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The Marriage of Brother Eric

I didn’t want to say anything before, for fear of putting a hex on the possibility, but today Brother Eric and his girlfriend Joy (from now on Sister-in-Law Joy) have gotten married.  I even preformed a vital role in the matter by signing on as a witness (it was a court proceeding).

Here’s hoping for the best.

Oh, and afterwards, Brother Todd (who was in attendance) looked at me and said, “Okay, you’re next.”

I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

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State of the Writer Post #1678

That last post… I almost just left I blank.  Then I thought of putting that picture of “Link” shrugging… Laughed so hard.

No one else did, I’m sure.  But I appreciated it.

Maybe not in a few years, but anyway.

In terms of writing (outside the blogs) this has been a rather productive year so far.  Since NaNoWriMo (which, amid fragments of a longer novel that probably won’t be, produced a decent sized short story) I have written three short stories.  None are very long, and one can be seen right here.

That’s at least one a month.  Not impressive by a professional writer’s standard, but me?  I’LL TAKE IT!

This might not be the best year of my life.  I’ve already had one bad life altering thing happen already and the future all but guarantees more.   However if losing this damn “writer’s block” I’ve had over me for decades, then I’ll might not be happy, but at least on the way there.