Work Work Work Moles and Trolls Moles and Trolls

Part of the problem with writing is that my Walmart schedule hasn't been set in stone.  I go one day working evening shift to the next mornings, with the occasional mid-shift thrown in between.  I like the work--deli is my favorite non-writing job--but man can it be rough. Next couple of weeks I should have …



Fredric Brown did a lot of stories entirely too short for their own good that never the less pack a punch. He's credited with "The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door..." Which he attached to a longer work called, unsurprisingly, Knock. This is a long …


Fish cult cause havoc Based on classic story (Kinda) Review on Friday Dagon pops up in minnow form Next Friday at the sister site.  I'm trying to do more reviews in general (I have a Y movie right in front of me) but no promises.