Tin Ten, Begin Again: The Tenth Anniversary of Welltun Cares Presents

If I may?

Let me introduce Past Cullen.  He’s the guy who started this blog ten years ago.  These are his first written words on his brand new site:

I have literally no idea what I’m going to say here. What do I need a blog for, anyway? What can I offer that millions can’t?

The only possible use I can think of for this thing is improving my writing, and I have NO intention of publishing fiction here. Essays maybe? The occasional review? Pretentiousness all the time, every time!

That’s me.

Maybe this will go with all the other blogs, started then discarded, forgotten amidst the wasteland that is the Internet.

Whatever. Who cares.

Here’s to hoping that something fun develops.

Any one out there?

Past Cullen started blogging over at Blogger with the above stated notion that it would end, that it would fade into obscurity like every other blog.  In a way he was right.  On October 4, 2006 he stopped blogging.

At least on Blogger.

He moved over here to WordPress, and while he’s had his problems with the site, he’s been here ever since.

Ten years.

The occasional review.  The occasional essay.  Poems and drawings.  The occasional internet kerfuffle (though thankfully nothing too bad on that score).  And yeah, the occasional work of fiction.  Missed a bet with that one, Past Cull.

I’m glad you did.

I read some of Past Cullen’s writing, and more often than not there’s nothing there that seems familiar.  Another person writing.  As Current Cullen I find I rather like Past Cullen’s writing.  I don’t understand him half the time, wonder what the hell he could be thinking, but I like him.  He might not get the world around him, but he tries.

For the most part I think he’s okay.  I think he did the job he set before him as well as he could, not because he had a choice in the matter, but because to not do so, to not write in some fashion, even if it didn’t bring him the kind of success he wanted (or the kind he feared), would have been a kind of death.

He hurt so much when he wasn’t writing.

I understand that all too well.

To talk about Current Cullen a moment, the past few months I’ve written more regularly than I have in years.  I keep expecting some sort of burn out.  Yet one day I work on the sister site, the next day I fumble with a short story or a novel, and when that fails, why hello this blog!  Always something, always working.

And I here is the important thing: as much as I like Past Cullen and his prose, I’m liking Current Cullen’s work more and more.  When I leave a story, it’s because I think it’s not right.  Not that it’s crap, but because it isn’t what I want to say.

This post, for instance, started out jokey.  It didn’t last.  The words were good, but the intent was missing.

Past Cullen and Current Cullen aren’t the same people.  I don’t know when one changed from the other (perhaps the seven year adage comes into play, perhaps not).  It’s interesting to see record of this, to have a history, if ever so incomplete, of who I was and who I am, with hints on the Future Cullen yet to come.

Doubting himself though he might have been when he started, Past Cullen did himself quite the favor creating Welltun Cares Presents.  Maybe not the favor he would have liked, but certainly the favor he needed.

Current Cullen, if he has any brains, will keep up with the blogging, here or abroad.

I’m not going to say here’s to the next ten.  I didn’t even expect the first ten.

Instead, here’s to hoping something fun comes.

I’ve found it usually does if you wait long enough.



You get the feeling Word Press's damn fecking stupid editor is mocking me at this point.
You get the feeling Word Press’s damn fecking stupid editor is mocking me at this point.

David Caruso Csi: Miami Smiley Series. That’s a Series of Smilies That Mimic a Mimicry of David Caruso’s Performance on CSI: Miami. Not a Smiley Using Caruso’s Image. Just Wanted That Clear. Hate To Have a Misleading Title. Again.

That would be this series:

( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐■-■

I saw someone “do this”, as it were, at another site and I wanted a copy of it in case I ever wanted to do a David Caruso CSI: Miami joke.

Not that I mention either Caruso or any of the CSI shows on the site.

In fact, let me check…

Yeah, only one CSI reference and it was in passing.

Who knew?

A Brief Personal History of a Specific Blog’s Formatting

I love how this site has become all about me talking about formatting another blog.

That’s not sarcasm, mind.  The fluid nature of things here keeps the blog interesting.

That said, let’s look at the evolution of the sister site’s famed reboot.

Back on January 27 I was considering this:

This is how the site should look on the Devil Boxes.

Due to an incompatibility with what I wanted to do, the theme was ditched.  Soon after that (two days!) went the main meat of the page.  Replacing it was this:wcr main page 2015 003


This lasted all the way to March 1st, when the light dawned and I came up with yet another this is bestest way ever to do the site.

If you toddle over there as of this writing, you’ll find this:

WCR Format

Note I’ve reverted to no text at all.  Also, we have buttons beneath the poster that will take you to the posts in question.  The darkened buttons have no links yet and will be replaced each and every update.

Because I love extra work.

Future changes: I don’t like the header.  Too much empty space at the top.  It can stand for now, but it has to go.

I also want a Coming Soon section, but that’s for when I have a buffer.  Something that seems like a far off dream.

Anyways.  This week we’re talking Friday the 13th the Ever So Necessary Reboot.  Next week, assuming God hasn’t struck me down (please God I never asked for much), I’m reviewing my least favorite movie, The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave But Not Really, That Would Have Been A Better Movie And WE COULDN’T HAVE THAT, NOW COULD WE?  After that, it should be Dark Crystal, Horror Express, and whatever.

Look, I’m thinking three weeks ahead now.  My brain feels like its frying out.

What matters is that the format is what I want, looks decent (let me know if not), and things seem to still be moving forward.

Now if I could come up with original posts for this site…

Blog at the Edge of Madness

Okay, okay, okay, get this.

Today, the new stuff starts happening over at Welltun Cares Reviews.  New post up, a week’s worth scheduled.  Good deal, right?

You betcha.

But guess what, guess what?

I’ve decided to redo the headers and change the main page.

Isn’t that fantastic?

But wait!  There’s more!

I’m nowhere near finished with next week’s review series!

I’ve had months to make a sizable buffer and I simply didn’t get it done!

It’s not all bad, of course.  I do have the Dark Crystal review almost finished (he he he) and I can throw that up if push comes to shove.  Still, I have Week Three looming.  The week where I rewatch The Night Evelyn Came From the Grave.

he he he.

he he he.

I don’t wanna watch that again.




If you think I’m overreacting now, you should see me when Life hands me a real problem. Yeesh.

KBRS (IV) – Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett

Only four misfits stand against a newly awakened dragon.

I like Terry Pratchett’s stuff.  Maybe not everything is a hit with me, but for the most part I find walking away from a book I don’t regret reading it.

This particular one, an early novel, had the deck slightly stacked against it.  I’m more of a Rincewind/Granny Weatherwax sort of Discworld fan, and neither character is in evidence here.  However I laughed where I was supposed to and had it been my first exposure to the series I would have come back for more.

I know.  This is a lousy review.  Comedy books like this, though, are hard to describe without risking some of its charms.  If you like, say, Douglas Adams, or the other Discworld books, this will be a fun read.