Ain’t Got No Password Blues

So I click on this YouTube video and suddenly realize I have no sound.  People’s lips are moving, but I can’t hear anything.

Apparently I haven’t had sound for sometime, as my Spotify account is still playing in a window under my web browser.  I just hadn’t noticed it stopping, is all.

Rather than fiddle with the back of the Devil Box, I decide to apply Cullen’s Secret Computer All-Cure #1.  I restart my computer.  If this doesn’t work, I check the back of the box.  The very worst I’m expecting is to learn I’ll need to by a new set of super cheap computer speakers.  No biggie.

What I didn’t consider was that I signed up for and have in fact installed Windows 10.

Which means my Devil Box has a new operating system.  And new ways.

For instance, at some point Windows 10 decided that it would be a helpful thing if it had me enter a password to sign back into my Devil Box  I’m fairly sure it did this on its lonesome without asking me, for reasons that should have been foreshadowed ahead of time if you looked at the title of this essay.

Foreshadowing: It’s not just for the main text anymore.

If you think that the whole reason I mentioned the welcome screen was to put up this picture, you probably know me entirely too well and I'm now freaked out.
If you think that the whole reason I mentioned the welcome screen was to put up this picture, you probably know me entirely too well and I’m now freaked out.

Anyways, I loads up this pretty welcome screen I’ve got set up for it, a character from a video game I happen to like, very nice, open up to my part of the computer and hey!  I need a password.

As My Gmail address hangs over my sign in for some reason, I intuitively know that I’ll need that password.  Super good.

One problem.

Guess what, guess what!


But I can handle this.  Mom has a section on my Devil Box she can use.  She hasn’t messed around with Windows 10 yet.  Bonus, I can look up the password through her section (I know it’s stupid having those passwords there, leave me alone. ) Problem solved!  I am a Genius!

After a brief search in which my Devil Box tells me the list isn’t on the computer (thanks Microsoft for this wonderful PC you’ve given me) I decide to I’d man through the list of files I have.  Tough guy, me.  I try to open a folder…

..and get told I need an administrator’s password to reach that.

I didn’t even know I set up an administrator’s password.

After I try the usual suspects (no, I never used “password” as a password.  Well I did once but I stopped real quick) I say, “Screw it.  I’ll just reset the Gmail password.”

This proves quite easy.  They even send it to my cell phone.  A few button presses and the deed is done.

With that triumph behind me, and feeling quite smug I must say, I go back to my Devil Box with the new password.

It doesn’t work.


So yeah.  Kicking myself here.

I shouldn’t have to tell you that I don’t know the Microsoft password.  I remember one password and it has nothing to do with any of this.

But telling the truth worked over with Google, it should work with Microsoft.  Dear Dread Overlords, I humbly request help with the password I forgot, please thanks hope you don’t delete me.

Microsoft sends me an access code to my Gmail address.  Peachy keen super fine.  I grab my cell phone to look up the code.

My phone won’t let me access my Gmail account.

There’s a problem with the password.

Typing in the new one?  Doesn’t help at all.


I have access to my Gmail through my Kindle.  And failing that my Vita.  I’m going to get through this yet, darn it.

Kindle, wonders of wonders, let’s me access Gmail no problems.  Opens right to the Microsoft email that has the access code.  Not even a hiccup.

I suspect my sudden, painful death is imminent.  For some reason.

The code allows me to change my Microsoft Password.  I head back to my sign in to my section, type in the new password.  With breath abated I pressed enter.

I’m back in my little corner of my Devil Box.  Finally.

To celebrate I call up Spotify and look up one of my favorite tunes: Masochism Tango.  Not sure why that one, precisely, but I’m eager to hear it.

No sound comes out my speakers.

I think this is where I came in…

The Hell…?! (XXXIII) – Expanding What Now?

From the Niche Gamer article entitled D3 Publisher Reveals Breast Expanding RPG for PS Vita, Omega Labyrinth:

The new game is titled Omega Labyrinth, a roguelike RPG for PS Vita, and it’s set to release in Japan on November 19th. Described as a “breast-expanding adventure,” the game is promising a “roguelike RPG of fantastical chest sizes.”

I think the most bizarre thing…

I mean, who would…

I… I just don’t know any more.

The Old Man (Briefly) Rants About Comics

I might have mentioned my affection for the Kindle.  Access to stuff I had a hard time finding in bookstores, carrying a library of hundreds of books in my hands, another electronic gizmo to lose, blah, blah, blah.  Let’s consider it said and move on.

Seriously.  Who WOULDN'T want DEVIL DINOSAUR?  He's a Dinosaur.  That's red.
Seriously. Who WOULDN’T want DEVIL DINOSAUR? He’s a Dinosaur. That’s red.

Recently (in the past year or so) I learned you can get comics on the thing.  I’m not talking collections–that I knew about–I’m talking individual issues.  Like a complete run of Devil Dinosaur.  More Howard the Duck than anyone can ever want.  That sort of thing.

It’s getting to the point that even if I win the lottery, I’ll still be poor.  Between the novel series I always wanted to read to the games they keep bring over (Fighting Fantasy is now on Kindle with other games promised soon; are they trying to kill me?) to the movies I can download and now the comics…  Where will I get the funds for it all?  Never mind the time?

The frustrating part (ha ha, one of the frustrating parts), though, is when you get to the actual names.  Such as Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-man, say, or Doctor Strange.  There they only have up choice issues.  And not even complete story lines; just a couple here or there, without any clear logic or reason behind it.

Take, for instance, this issue:

But at least his ability to spout exposition is completely unaffected.
But at least his ability to spout exposition is completely unaffected.

This is a part of what I believe is a three part series.  Specifically the middle part.  I had this issue as a kid and as an adult would have loved to see how the whole thing started.  No joy there.

But it gets better.  Because the next issue is available.  It’s this one:

Peter Perker Spectacular Spider-man 028 000
Boy does that character carrion and on. Get it? Get it? It’s funny. Cause it’s a pun.

This is the first part of a three part story line.  Involving Carrion.  One of my favorite Spider-villains.


Frustrating in the extremes.  Especially when you consider how many Howard the Ducks kindle has.  I mean, I know it’s a cult classic, but come on!  Some characters are more important.

But that’s not what I’m here to rant about.


One of the sites I frequent was listing The Greatest Joker Stories of All Time (my title, not theirs) and one caught my fancy.  I went over to look it up, saw it was on Kindle, checked out the price, and almost shouted, “$3.99?  For a comic book?

Instantly I was an old man.

The kind that yells at the neighbor kids to get off his lawn while shaking his cane in futile rage.

I don’t know how much comics cost these days.  I know it you can’t get one for three quarters any more, mainly because that price was long gone by the time I stopped collecting comics.  For all I know, $3.99 is a bargain.

Which leads to another whinge about funds.

The modern age.  So many things to buy, so little money to by them with.


Can’t… Breath… Haven’t Had… Power Girl Post… Since February…

Power Girl Wonder Woman Convergance

Gasp!  Ah!  That’s better.

Actually, that is better.  That particular Power Girl costume is my preferred Power Girl costume, and on the odd times I draw her (don’t go there) it’s the one I use.  The boob window is, frankly, ridamndiculous.

(So’s the costume they got poor Wonder Woman in, but that’s beside the point.)

I’m also partial to the hair cut.  Sort of suits her.  Though long hair in combat situations ain’t the wisest course.

Back to the original topic: This particular comic, however, displays an even better costume variant than this.  A panel, slightly modified to (from my perspective) show off Power Girl better:

Power Girl Convergance

No plunging neckline, no cleavage, and no absurd boob window.  A better look for her, I think.