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WordPress is Working My Last Good Nerve

In fairness, some of this might not be WordPress’ fault.

It could be Microsoft Edge.


On several occasions I’ve tried to click something or highlight something and ended up back at the top of the editor.  With long posts, this means a lot of scrolling down to get back the where I was.  All to click wrong AGAIN and have to do the whole process over again.

On several occasions I’ve left the tab I’m working on to do research (or read something else while contemplating what to say next.)   When I return THE ENTIRE FECKING POST IS GONE.  Oh, it’s sometimes saved in draft, BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE GOD DAMN POINT, NOW ISN’T IT?  Leave my post be, damn it.

Today, though, I’m trying to add a new category to my review blog site.  First I’m told I don’t have FECKING PERMISSION TO DO THAT.  Which begs the question, IF I DON’T HAVE PERMISSION TO CHANGE MY OWN GOD DAMN SITE, WHO FECKING DOES?

But it gets better!  I try altering a subcategory, and I’m told, get this, I’m told I can’t alter it because I already have a subcategory by that name.

Well and good.  Except I’ve just spent a half month ADDING DUPLICATE SUBCATEGORIES!

It’s getting to the point people know I’m working with WordPress, BY THE TYPE OF SHOUTS I’M USING!

Hey WordPress!  You want me back at Blogger, crapping over you company’s name from here to the end of time, you don’t have to go through all this trouble.  just say the word and I’m all over that.

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Well That’s Done

I’ve just finished changing the Rebooted reviews and Essays over at Welltun Cares Reviews into the New Reboot format.  I’ve also got them going up on a schedule.  Weekdays, with extra goodness on Double Days.  That’s the Second, Eleventh, and Twenty Second of the month.  Even if those days don’t hit a weekday, they get two posts on ’em.

Next is to start reworking the Classic pieces.  There’s other things I need to do there–a new index, say–but that’s ahead.  Just excited about being ahead now!

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Hey, At Least This Month’s Getting A LOT of Updates, Am I Right?

Just to prove that I am as fickle as fickle can be, Welltun Cares Reviews has returned!  With only one review.

However, more will be coming soon.  I’ve decided instead of ramming my head against Jabootu style reviews, I’m taking the opening sections (formerly known as the Spoiler Frees) and reworking them to be actual reviews.

This should not be interpreted as me giving up the Long Form.  I intend to remerge them into one massive review per movie and repost them separate from the little ones.  That way if I don’t feel like working a thousand word pieces in a week, I can always do a Short Form and come back later.  Or never.  Depending on how I feel about the flick.

Hopefully this means that in time I can do weekly updates.  Until then, my goal is to get several Short Forms done a day (or at least a week) and finally get my archieve all on the same page.

Until  the next time I decide to rework it all again…  Yeesh.

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Not this blog, of course.  The day I stop this blog completely is probably the day I die.  Or completely lose Internet access.

The Blog I’m talking about is the sister site, Welltun Cares Reviews.  And even here I’m being misleading, as I’m not actually deleting it as setting all the reviews on private so I can reboot the site.  The last reboot’s a flop, so Imma gonna try again.

Cause I’ve got learning disabilities.  Apparently.

I’m aiming for Welltun Cares Reviews 3.0 appearing this July, but if I’ve shown any talent at all, it’s at missing deadlines.

Also during this, I’m working on outlines for novels.  Which might hinder things here and abroad.

Oh, and I might actually delete an unused blog.  Tumblr, Myspace, some place.

Why clutter the web, am I right?  Of course I’m right.

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A Sample of My Thought Process or Lack There Of

The Red Queen Kills Seven Times?  Wow, that’s an intriguing name for a Horror Flick, to say the least.  Might wanna check that out.  Who directed it?

Emilio Miraglia.  Huh.  That’s the guy who did The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave.  A movie I hated.

So do I want to watch another flick by him.  Hmm.  Let me consid–



No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no Tippi Hedren at the end of The Birds no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no


Well maybe.

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Just Got Shaved Today

Today I shaved off my beard.

I don’t know why I grew it in the first place.  Probably like when I had long hair I did it out of laziness.  In years before it would hit a certain point and my mind would start screaming “Gedidoff!  Gedidoff!” and I’d go get it off.

Not this winter.  This time it stayed on for months.  Even trimmed it once.

I liked having it around.  Not all the time.  Sometimes it felt weird or wrong, but usually that passed.  Usually I liked it quite a bit.

Today I shaved off my beard.

This I did for a reason.  Summer was coming and I’d never lived with a beard in the summer.  Didn’t seem right.  Seemed hot, actually.

The amusing part was last week we finally got the air conditioner fixed, so we aren’t suffering from the heat as much as in previous summers.  I’d have felt it only when I went outside.

On the flip side of that,  the out-of-doors and I are having a trial relationship type thing.  Walking.  Biking.  That sort of fun stuff.  So shaved probably would be the way to go, anyways.

The first pass, as the white hairs (!) fell, I had a sudden thought:  “Man, why did you do that?”

I dunno.  Because I wanted to?

It was a relatively painless experience.  The rest of the summer I intend to keep it close shaven.  When November hits (or maybe October), I intend to grow it out again.

But today?  Today I shaved off my first full beard.

God do I look odd now.