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Strange Dialogue VI: A New Hope Force Awakens the Phantom Menace.

“What’s this?”

“What’s what?”


“Oh. That. A dead body.”

“A dead body.”

“Right. Thought it be obvious.”

“What’s it doing in my living room?”

“Decomposing, I should–”

“Why is there a dead body in my living room? And why are you here, come to that?”

“Ah. Well. Reasons. And… ah… reasons.”

“Which are?”

“Yes. Well. I needed to murder someone, and I didn’t have any place else to do it.”

“No place else to do it.”


“In the whole world, it had to be my apartment.”

“Well it couldn’t well have been in my apartment, now could it?”


“Well that would have given the game away. Wouldn’t have come there. Not when I’ve been ready to kill for the past few weeks.”

“You know, on further inspection, that seems to be one of my new roommate’s friends.”

“Oh. Er. Really?”

“Yeah. Hard to recognize with the ax in the face, but I’m certain of it.”

“Huh. Well. Small world. Small world, isn’t it?”

“You know, incidents like this are why I kicked you out in the first place.”

“Yes. Funny you should say that. I’ve been let out of my apartment for, uh, unspecified reasons.”

“Have you.”

“Yeah. And I was wondering if you could–”


“Oh, come on.”

“No I think my roommate might object. What with you killing visiting friends and all.”

“Huh. Unreasonable sort, eh?”

“On certain matters, yes.”

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Super Awesome Cool Doctor Who News!

In terms of entertainment, we live in an embarrassing rich age.  Or at least I do.  With a new Godzilla coming to these shores on October 11, a potential Godzilla anime movie coming next year, and even more Godzilla coming soon after that, I am one content fan.  My childhood hero is coming my way.  How could anything be better?

And then this happened:

Power of the Daleks is the very first Patrick Troughton story line, and one of the completely lost.  It is widely regarded as one of his best stories and one of the best Dalek stories.  To have a version come out… man oh man!  Can’t wait to see it.

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And Now a Word About the Sister Site

As I said over there, the second reboot is, for all intents and purposes, done.  The formatting of every little thing is to my liking, so I shouldn’t have the overwhelming urge to change everything.  (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no seriously, it’s all good)  Best of all, I’ve formatted the old reviews and they’re raring to go.  At least minnow reviews.  And some of the others have been held back for a variety of reasons.  But at least if another hiatus hits my ass isn’t bared to the wind like it was the previous reboot.

Best of all, I have two new minnows ready to swim at the end of September.  This dividing things up into two class of reviews has really saved my neck, to move up a bit.

Problem is, no new Whales.

Even if I finish up the old ones (which I plan to), i still need new reviews.

And I haven’t been finishing things like that very well of late.

Still, things are good there.  Hopefully I can pick up the pace over here as well.  Hopefully soon….

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Never Underestimate the Power of an Explosive Rubber Duckie

I don’t do this much, but… this is kinda cool.

I’ve been playing (almost obsessively) Hitman, a game about, shock of shocks, a Hitman.  There’s more to it than that–it’s sort of light Sci Fi–but basically you’re like James Bond, going country to country killing people who are slightly worse than you are.

One of the features of the game is to set up contracts for other people to play in the already established setting.  I wasn’t very interested in this, as I rather a story and, to be honest, for the people I “kill” to be slightly worse than my character is.  However I need to do ten of these extra games to earn a PlayStation Trophy.  And for some reason I’m shooting for a 100%.

Like I said.  Almost obsessively.

The first one I tried was called “Explosive Performance”.  It deals with killing this poor, hapless mime and two women watching the show.  With an explosive.  Meaning extra deaths are in the offing.

Not really my thing, but I had a plan.  Figured I might come close to getting a high score of the thing.  Not the high score, mind.  that was 59, 152, and I didn’t hope to reach that.

My plan was to run through the crowd, drop a little rubber duckie bomb in the middle of things, then run away, triggering it when I was clear.

I sound like a horrible human being on reading that.  Nothing I’d do in real life, nothing I’d do in a normal game.  Still feel a little awful.

Especially since… well…

Hitman 000

Hitman 001



It’s a new stage.

I’m sure by tomorrow someone’s going to have bested that.

Below is my play through, for the curious.  Note the numerous mistakes I make going through it (which is why I know I’m not long for the top spot).

Note also I don’t swing the camera around to watch the bodies fly.  My depravity does have limits, you know…

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WordPress is Working My Last Good Nerve

In fairness, some of this might not be WordPress’ fault.

It could be Microsoft Edge.


On several occasions I’ve tried to click something or highlight something and ended up back at the top of the editor.  With long posts, this means a lot of scrolling down to get back the where I was.  All to click wrong AGAIN and have to do the whole process over again.

On several occasions I’ve left the tab I’m working on to do research (or read something else while contemplating what to say next.)   When I return THE ENTIRE FECKING POST IS GONE.  Oh, it’s sometimes saved in draft, BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE GOD DAMN POINT, NOW ISN’T IT?  Leave my post be, damn it.

Today, though, I’m trying to add a new category to my review blog site.  First I’m told I don’t have FECKING PERMISSION TO DO THAT.  Which begs the question, IF I DON’T HAVE PERMISSION TO CHANGE MY OWN GOD DAMN SITE, WHO FECKING DOES?

But it gets better!  I try altering a subcategory, and I’m told, get this, I’m told I can’t alter it because I already have a subcategory by that name.

Well and good.  Except I’ve just spent a half month ADDING DUPLICATE SUBCATEGORIES!

It’s getting to the point people know I’m working with WordPress, BY THE TYPE OF SHOUTS I’M USING!

Hey WordPress!  You want me back at Blogger, crapping over you company’s name from here to the end of time, you don’t have to go through all this trouble.  just say the word and I’m all over that.