Cullen, the Harlan Ellison Story About the Old Loves You Keep Trying to Remember is Called “All the Birds Come Home to Roost”

I couldn’t forget the story, why could I not remember the name of the title?

We might talk more about this at a later date.  I want to reread it first.  Just let me bask in the glow of actually finding it’s title a moment, okay?

Mild Doctor Who Musings or Cullen’s Too Cheap to Buy the DVD or HAVE YOU SEEN JUST HOW MUCH THESE DISCS COST?

There’s something indescribable about watching a Classic Doctor Who episode I’ve never seen before.

It’s like rounding out the Godzilla series, or reading the end to a Spider-man story I only got part of as a kid.  It’s a little slice of magic in a day with far too little magic in it.

Only it’s a little better than that.  Because Godzilla and Spidey, they’re all there.  Doctor Who isn’t.

The most recent Doctor Who I watched was The Moonbase.  The Cybermen’s second appearance.  It’s a fun story, but I can’t say it’s that good.

Which is true with most Cybermen stories, sad to say.

Doctor Who Web Fear CoverToday I started Web of Fear.  One episode.  Maybe I’ll watch the next tomorrow, maybe next week.  So far it’s a wee bit hoaky mixed with typical BBC Sci Fi goodness (and a dollop of Jewish stereotype for good measure, sad to say.)

Still, it’s Doctor Who.

It feels like I’m reliving my childhood in a way.

Up to a point.

I’m watching the show on Hulu.

Which means commercial interruptions.

Which is a sin against God and Man!


It’s just bad form, old boy.

The Hell…?! (XXXI) – There Isn’t Anything About This Cover That Isn’t Shameful

Radio Boy 000

Rook out?

Rook out?


Rook out.

This a comic about chess?  There’s a card game called Rook, maybe the flying kid’s heading off to play with Rambo in the corner there.

I dunno.

I just don’t get it.

(Actually I do get it; if I hadn’t the site I lifted the image from would have filled me in on it.  All I know is that when reflecting upon all the shameful things I have done, at least I can say I never made this, much less bought it.)


And I’m Back None the Worse For Wear… Save the Head Cold. And Being Tired From Driving Cross Country. And Forced to March Down a Bijillion Steps. But I’m Not Bitter. No.

Blog Master Jake 001

Even running a blog as, shall we say, non-taxing as this one can wear a body out at times.  Still, Jake managed to captain the ship with flying colors and is now enjoying a well-earned rest.  Good dog!

Of course, there was a wee problem while I was out.  Seems like Jake figured out how to get to the editor and even type how to with his nose, but not how to publish his efforts.  I only know about his hard work due to WordPress’s auto save.

And hard work it was.  Because he kept trying even after failing.

I have fifty drafts on my dashboard to prove it.

All titled Bark.

All about ten thousand words long.

And every single word of it bark, woof, or variation there of.

I dunno what you guys did, but he certainly wanted to tell you off about it…